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Pre – Apprenticeship & Registered Apprenticeship Programs


Classical Education + Technical Skills + Apprenticeship Job = Dominion Academy Diploma + Industry Credential

Why Classical?

A Classical education teaches the tried and true basics(the 3 R’s) + the age- old qualities of learning: Logic & Reasoning.

What is technical?

Writing and communication skills needed in the professional work-force and computer skills to implement.

When is the Apprenticeship?

Students in the Apprenticeship program work in an industry choice between the summer of Junior and Senior year and continue part-time during Senior year

What is an Industry Credential?

The industry credential can be:

1. The completion of the Registered Apprenticeship program at Edison State or Sinclair Community College. Students complete a course of study and required number of workplace hours. 

2. Completion of Pre-apprenticeship program, which includes work & mentorship experience, along with selected course work.

What is an apprenticeship like?

  • Workplace mentors determine and teach targeted job skills
  • Mentor completes monthly apprentice evaluation
  • DA program leader visits a job site once a month for a student/mentor interview.
  • Employer provides documentation of skills training completed by apprentice


        Two Community College Sponsors

Career Paths: IT & Health Care

Vanessa Musangwa – Pulmonary Care
Vanessa – Pulmonary Care
Emily Parra – United Parcel Services
  Emily – UPS Store


Josiah - TJAR Innovations


Michael Nahhas – Dayton Tire & Auto
Michael – Dayton Tire & Auto