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TUITION AND FEES - 2023-2024

Full-Time Tuition 

Homeschool Connections and Part-Time Tuition



Families may choose one of the following tuition payment options:

Full payment of annual tuition: Payment may be made directly to the school by check or by FACTS tuition payment plan. 

Full payment by semester: Payment may be made directly to the school by check or FACTS tuition payment plan. 

Automatic monthly payments through a FACTS payment plan. Monthly payments begin in August or September and end in May or June, depending on customer preference and the date of the FACTS application. The only added cost for this option is a $55 annual fee charged directly by FACTS. Please refer to the FACTS brochure for more information. To enroll in a FACTS payment plan, click here.

Those with a FACTS payment plan may use it to pay any incidental fee incurred throughout the school year, reducing or eliminating the need to write checks. Incidental fees include yearbooks, replacement text books, martial arts gear, Senior Ball tickets, AP exam fees and other testing fees, etc. Contact the Business Office ( to arrange payments.