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Dominion Academy promotes student leadership skills through Student Government. The student body elects representatives from the 6th grade to high school seniors.  Normally, there is one representative for each grade and 4 additional high school students who form the governing board of president, vice president, administrator and treasurer.  These representatives serve the student body in a number of ways:

  • Social Events – Student Government works to enhance the unity of student life through planning fun activities. These activities include events like the fall Harvest Party and a winter Movie Night.
  • Service to the School – The student government plans and executes the end-of-the-year Soccer Picnic and Awards Ceremony. This event brings the student body, faculty, and parents together to celebrate both the fun and camaraderie of our intramural sports program, as well as the end of another successful school year.
  • Student Character-Building Initiatives – The student government plans and presents to the students gathered in assembly a program created around the topics of teen temptations, i.e. modesty, drug/alcohol abuse, promiscuity, etc.