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Responding to the needs and aspirations of high school students in considering their future, Dominion Academy has recently added an Apprenticeship Program to its college-preparatory curriculum.  Recognizing that not all high school students desire to continue on in a four-year degree program, the apprenticeship program is designed to build a strong foundation in writing, public-speaking, and computer skills which enable a high school graduate to have one of three options:

  • Direct career placement even while in high school
  • Career placement + additional course work to attain an Industry Credential
  • Professional Work Experience + pursuit of a Higher Education Degree

Curriculum and Academic Program -- as a partner with the State of Ohio’s Apprentice Ohio, Dominion Academy has designed a curriculum that corresponds to the identified needs of Ohio’s employers.  This means focusing on stronger skills in writing, verbal

communication, and Computer Technology.  Dominion’s curriculum has a heavy emphasis on writing over all four years of high school, as well as speaking skills in several classroom subjects.  In addition, students are required to to take a computer course in Microsoft Office, resulting in a certification when testing is successfully completed.

College Credit Plus 


Dominion Academy offers several College Credit Plus classes taught or facilitated by DA’s CCP certified teachers right on our own campus:

  • English 1101 - English Composition 1 (Sinclair Community College)
  • Western Civilization 1112  (Sinclair Community College)
  • Art History 2231  (Sinclair Community College)
  • Intro to Psychology  (Cedarville University)
  • United States History (Cedarville University)
  • American Politics and Government  (Cedarville University)

Various other courses are available toward acquiring the Apprenticeship Industry Credential through Edison State University (student choice).  Also, Dominion Academy offers seniors the option of taking an additional  3 3-credit hour course choices from either Sinclair Community College or Edison State Community College paid for by Dominion Academy in their senior year.