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Dominion Academy of Dayton has a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math focus for high school students. This focused program is designed for students who are pursuing vocations in the field of science, technology or engineering, giving them an early academic focus that will prepare them for success in their future career.


Many of our Science, Math and Technology  faculty members hold Masters Degrees in the specialized fields they teach, such as Physical Engineering, Educational Technology, Solid State Physics, Material Engineering, and Chemical Engineering.


Students who wish to pursue science, technology engineering and mathematics have two options for their course of study at Dominion:

Standard  for career-focused students

Honors  for college-bound students


Our program maintains the emphasis on Science & Math, but also cultivates vital communication skills and team building. Through classes such as Technical Writing and Team Building/Presentation skills, students develop leadership abilities.

Technical Writing teaches STEM students additional writing skills involving composing of Proposals, Project Reports and Institutional e-mails as just a sampling of the STEM composition instruction.

Communication Skills are taught within the required framework of High School Speech class.  STEM students will learn presentation skills including PowerPoint creation and group presentation.  Other aspects of workplace communication related to science and technology are a part of the speech curriculum, as well.

Bots Robotics Class

Students will gain practical knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math concepts as they design and build a custom robot, with which they will compete in a face-off against other robots in a spring competition.  This class runs for the equivalent of a semester (18 weeks) and provide a half credit. The class will meet twice in October, November, and December. Starting in January there will be weekly meetings running through the spring competition. PLEASE NOTE: Students enrolling in this class will NOT be doing an individual science fair project but will partner with the team for a presentation at science fair.

Science Fair 

Dominion Academy students annually participate in a science fair which not only strengthens their scientific knowledge and methods but also gives them an outlet to practice their communication skills.

Oral and written communication skills, leadership ability, and team building qualities are essential in today’s technological career path. These skills make the difference in promotions from middle pay scales versus climbing up the professional ladder.

Jeff Brown, Physicist, Air Force Research Laboratory, WPAFB