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The pinnacle of a cathedral – a spire is visible to the community for miles. Fridays are our Spire Days. On this day, students gain a broad view of our local community and Christian culture by practically applying knowledge and skills by interacting with businesses and non-profits in interesting and meaningful ways. Students also do community service projects on spire days.

Spire Days connect students' education to the Christian faith – enlivening their sense of duty to God and community. These days are designed to practically apply the classroom knowledge gained in the other components (Portals, Buttresses, Humanities & STEM vaults). Here, the students participate in multiple field trips into the community for the purpose of seeing the outworking of culture, language, math and science in the real world. For example, students will attend live performances in the arts, music and theatre. They may also visit art exhibitions, and tour buildings of architectural significance in the community. They observe applied technology and skill in the building trades. Opportunities are given to experience government meetings, mock trials, nature preserves, historical sites, farms and recreational venues. Students create meaningful cards and when possible, visit local nursing home residents, playing and interact with them as a community.