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Dominion Academy of Dayton is a chartered nonpublic (private) school, which enables us to accept EdChoice Scholarships. Eligible students can apply to receive a scholarship worth up to full tuition at Dominion Academy through the Ohio Department of Education’s EdChoice Program.

In order to be eligible for an EdChoice Scholarship, a student must be: ­

attending or assigned to attend a designated low-­rated public school,


meet family low­-income requirements.

Once an eligible student is accepted to Dominion Academy, parents can work with the school to complete the EdChoice application process, and the school will submit the application to the Ohio Department of Education on behalf of the family*.

Access EdChoice Scholarship Applications

Dominion Academy also has need-based scholarship funds to distribute according to the discretion of the School Board. See DA Scholarships. 


*Each student will need to receive awarded status by the first day of school. If awarded status is not received prior to first day, then the Family will be responsible to pay tuition beginning September 5 until awarded scholarship. Once scholarship is awarded, family will be reimbursed for any amount paid out of pocket. If application is rejected by ODE, then family will continue to be responsible for tuition fees.