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Computer Coding


Engineering Process

Math Probability, Graphing, Estimating, Predictions

Health & Nutrition

Added science afternoons will allow students to more actively explore computer, robotics and computer-interactive science. Nature studies, where students get outside, look and observe nature, will be planned for Friday Spire days to supplement STEM vaults.



Theatre Arts (acting, writing, and speech skills)

Art (set, prop and costuming design)

Music (music themed to student plays)

Theatre studies exposes students to a whole new way of interacting with language arts stories. Kid’s Shakespeare scripts, acted out in class reinforce vocabulary, reading and comprehension skills. Later in the senior year students write scripts and direct one another bringing their own creative stories to life from their imagination. Art & Music classes(on alternate days)  teach the fundamentals of each respective subject. Students also create music and art for their own plays.