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Arts in Education Week


Jacqueline Teachey 

She is our new Academic Director. This is her tenth year teaching at Dominion, where she has a 4th-6th grade drama class as well as junior and senior high literature classes. “I love incorporating theater in my literature classes,” she said. “For example, this year my 8th graders will perform a Greek tragedy.” Mrs. Teachey has a B.A. in English and Theater and an M.A. in Education from the University of Kentucky. Born and raised in Chicago, her experiences in theater and dance taught her creative skills beyond the stage, including public speaking, collaborating, and thinking “on the fly.” Over the years she has performed in, directed, or choreographed many high school and community theater productions. As a devoted Christian and a performing arts enthusiast, she has always desired to instruct and mentor youth. “In fourteen years of teaching I have seen how theater helps students gain confidence in both reading and speaking.” Mrs. Teachey also notes that performing classic stories helps students gain wisdom and compassion as they embody stories of beauty, virtue, and truth. As Stella Adler once said: “Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one.” ~ Thank you Mrs. Teachey for continuing to inspire our students to great things!!


Elizabeth Furst

You may know her from the front office, but this year, she joined the teaching staff as the drama teacher for Grades 1-3. Elizabeth is a Dayton native and passionate about theatre and its therapeutic benefits for all age groups. When not working at Dominion Academy, she is active as a teaching artist for several children’s theatre programs here in Dayton, including Brighter Connections Theatre and Dayton Live. Outside of Dayton, Elizabeth has performed and directed with other regional/community theatres, working alongside premier talent from Disney, Xelias Aerial Arts, Circus Juventas and American Idol. Elizabeth has formal training in Stanislavski technique and holds a degree in Youth Communications and Counseling. Elizabeth believes the arts provide an outlet to process emotions, build critical thinking skills, strengthen confidence and establish empathy, making arts education a valuable investment in building a better world. 


Erin Ferdelman

I am the music teacher for grades K-5th and the choir pianist for grades 6th-12th.
I have been playing the piano for as long as I can remember thanks to my piano teaching mother (Mrs. Brown!) who I hear also teaches some of you students! I began my music career as a piano teacher at 11 years old. Since then I have had new opportunities for me including accompanying choirs, working with Muse Machine, directing summer music camps and teaching even more general music classes here at Dominion as well as several homeschool groups. I love what I do!
Being exposed to the arts at a young age is so important to me. As a young child and even up through teenhood I struggled to express myself in a way that was understood. The wonderful thing about music and any other art form is that there's truly no limit or rule to your composition. It is entirely your invention and it's an outlet to express yourself when your words cannot. I have had wonderful opportunities to connect with my students in ways that no one else can, and it's so worth it to see that excitement in their eyes and to see them use their God given gifts. Music also improves your language development and your confidence, relieves stress, and develops the areas of your brain that help with memorization and reasoning.
I feel called to be a music teacher because of my passion to help each individual be understood and admired in their own special way. I am so excited to see more and more institutions (both educational and medical) recognize the importance of music classes and music therapy.

~DA is proud to have you on staff inspiring our students daily!


Rosanne Brown 

I am the choir teacher for grades 6-12. I have been teaching at DA for 10 years and mother to 2 DA alumni. Mrs. Brown says, “Arts education is a bridge to all other areas of learning. The arts are cross cultural, if you don’t know how to speak a word, you can sing or play a note.” 

~ DA is proud to have you on staff inspiring our students daily!