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Dominion Academy of Dayton deliberately adopts a Classical
emphasis. We are determined to acquaint students (as thoroughly as
possible) with history and those elements of our Christian heritage that
shaped so much of Western culture and civilization. Many rich deposits are
bequeathed to us in magnificent legacies of song, prayer, creed, and worship.
These wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit come to us through the hands of our
forefathers in the faith. We wish to preserve them and pass them on to the future.

Learning should take place in an atmosphere of worship. All that we
do, we do for God; all knowledge comes from God and all that we learn we
desire to use it effectively in His service.
Each day, students will do morning prayer. Students will be exposed to
historic worship music: Gregorian chant, the great composers of music in
Church history, (especially Handel's Messiah), Reformation music, and
hymns and choruses through modern times, as well as instruction in singing
the Psalms.

Each week at least one day of instruction will be about worship, the
history of worship, the Church calendar, music, the Psalter, relationships, the
Creeds, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, saints in history, the Life
and Ministry of Jesus.